1 September 2023

Doritos Loaded Pepperoni Pizza (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Doritos Loaded Pepperoni Pizza

Here is the second new flavour from Doritos, again in the theme of a take-away. Last time we had Burger King, and this time we have Doritos Loaded Pepperoni Pizza. There is still a voucher on the bag for Burger King, and these ones don't seem to be in conjunction with any pizza take-away. We decided to share these with a jacket potato with chilli con carne on top and some of these as a side. We had a sour cream dip too, which made for a rather lovely meal. 

The new Doritos Loaded Pepperoni Pizza are reddish in colour and clearly have a fair bit of seasoning on them. I gave one a try and was impressed by the flavour. I could pick up nice spices and some meat flavours too, which was very much the pepperoni shining through. There is a bit of a cheese taste, but it was mild, and I don’t think I’d have guessed that they were pizza from a blind testing. There was a hint of Italian herbs, but it was all about the pepperoni. As pepperoni-flavored chips,  though, they were really nice. I liked the mildly spiced meat flavour; they were seriously tasty. They were good with the dip too, and I’d happily buy them again.

Doritos Loaded Pepperoni Pizza

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