18 September 2023

Tic Tac Sprite Lemon-Lime Flavoured (WH Smiths) by @Cinabar

Tic Tac Sprite Lemon-Lime Flavoured

We were on our way back from a night away, and we stopped at a service station for a bit of a break. This gave me the chance to have a nosey around the branch of WH Smiths for Foodstuff Finds. I did manage to find a couple of things to write about, and one of them was these Tic Tac Sprite Lemon-Lime Flavoured Sweets.

The Tic Tac sweets themselves are yellow, which is cool, but they were lacking something. When they did Coca-Cola Tic Tac sweets, they put the cola logo on each one, so seeing these as just yellow seems like an opportunity missed. I gave one a try, and the flavour was gentle to start, and then it became very specifically Sprite. I’m not sure what is so identifiable, but it must be the balance of lemon and lime. I thought this would be a generic lemon lime flavour, but I was surprised that the flavour was so specific to Sprite, which was rather impressive.

These are lovely sweets and were very enjoyable on our drive back home. I still think they could have added a logo to the Tic Tac sweets for super cuteness.

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