17 September 2023

Kit Kat Cereal - Tesco - surprisingly decent! [@NLi10]

We like chocolate bars, we like novelty cereals - and here we have them both together!

11 servings of the child portion, 7 and a bit servings of the adult portion, for me - this box is a par 5.  What i'll probably do is blend this with regular cornflakes for texture mix up and saving money - although I think this was only £2.50 due to introductory offers.

KitKat is one of those chocolate bars that just keeps going - it's about the only EuroWafer that has ever got traction in the UK because (like Bounty & Twix) it can pretend to be a chocolate bar so Brits buy it.  The Chunky ones are great as they can add stuff, and the flavours they make in the Japanese factories are exotic.

These are just the usual cereal with three lines on it. Maybe they could add frosting in the lines and sell it as Adidas cereal too.  Smells chocolaty though so it's at least appealing (unlike the terrible Oreo cereal)

Hey look - adding almond milk fills in the lines too!

Joking aside it's about as KitKat a cereal in both look and flavour as you can get - and it's nice.  I'm not sure it's filling enough as an everyday cereal, but as a luxury topper on a base cereal like shreddies or corn flakes then this works well.  As long as it stays on the cheap intro price I have no problems encouraging people to grab a box.  I suspect this will be a long term cereal that we will still see for years to come.


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