28 September 2023

TofOO co. Scrambled Egg Vegan Substitute - interesting… [@NLi10]

 I’ve seen Vegan egg substitutes offered on menus in quite a few cafes, but never really paid much attention.  If I had to go vegan then the egg I’d miss would be the ones in cakes, as my partner doesn’t do well on eggy food we don’t tend to use them outside of baking anyway.

I figured this would be a nice way to try and see if we could put scrambled eggs back on the menu.

The TofOO Co. Say that they have tofu with taste and list all the wonderful things they’ve done to make it so.  I decided to only add things they’d suggested and not mix in butter and hot sauce as I’d do with the real things.

We did the fry up version, but then I added some garlic mayo to make it a little more exciting as it was much blander than I’d expected (just like real eggs).  I held off adding a massive amount of black pepper as it had black salt.  Seems that is for the sulphur taste/smell so I should have just gone ahead with the plan.

The packaging sounded like cat food so Flo had to be assured that it was neither cat food nor scrambled eggs.

Looks as terrible as real eggs would if you’d sealed them away.

Zapping it on the hob revealed more colours and that it was really just a bag of lovely crumbled tofu in a strange yellow stuff.  This was actually reassuring and the ‘white’ of the egg being made from great tofu actually made it less of a texture nightmare than I’d expected.

Popping it on top of sausage and mash (deconstructed) with some pesto worked pretty well for us.  My partner ate 4 spoonfuls and was satisfied that she doesn’t like egg even in its vegan form.

I however enjoyed it a lot more - but not to the extent that I’m planning to buy more.  I think that I’d add a load of seasoning, and then at that point I might as well just get some frozen tofu out of the freezer and season it myself.  It has reminded me how good tofu can be - and that this brand is one that can be trusted to provide decent quality basics for me to build on.

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