12 September 2023

Cadbury’s Timeout Roundie Biscuits (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Cadbury’s Timeout Roundie Biscuits

Firstly, we have new biscuits from Cadbury, which is great news. They are based on the TimeOut bar and made with wafers. When I was taking the picture above, I realised that there were only five biscuits in the pack, which is a bit disappointing. I found myself wondering how they were packaged in three stacks, with just one in the middle. Once opened, I found they were a bit nicer on the layout, but talk about spaced out with plastic. I stacked all five of the biscuits and put the plastic container they were in behind them to show the issue. I’m not a fan of only having five biscuits, and I don’t like the spacing out.

Cadbury’s Timeout Roundie Biscuits

Still, it was time to try a biscuit and focus on the taste. Here is where the biscuits shined; there were lots of lovely layers of wafer, tonnes of flakey chocolate, and texture, and they were absolutely lovely to eat. They ticked the boxes for me with the crispy texture and so much chocolate, perfect with a coffee as an afternoon treat. I just wish there had been more in the pack. 

Cadbury’s Timeout Roundie Biscuits

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Andrew Winton said...

These have actually been around for around 5 years now but were previously just known as Cadbury Roundies but they have now been rebranded as Time Out Roundies. They're nice but sadly they reflect the fact that Time Outs are just a chocolate and wafer bar now and no longer contain the layer of flake that they used to (and that they still contain in Australia.)