20 September 2023

Dead Man’s Fingers KFC Spiced Rum (Amazon) by @Spectreuk

Dead Man’s Fingers KFC Spiced Rum

I do like a KFC sometimes. I usually have a bucket of chicken to myself and some extra hot wings, because they taste "finger lickin' good". Alright, sorry, I couldn't help it.

I originally wanted to save this Dead Man's Fingers KFC Spiced Rum for a Halloween blog, but other reviews have been pretty bad on it, and Cinabar told me this rum has now become a limited edition.

Flavoured with the eleven herbs and spices used when cooking KFC chicken, this Dead Man's Fingers KFC Spiced Rum was produced by Bristol & Bath Distillery. The bottle recommended to try this rum with cola, but I haven't liked cola much for many years. When I have spiced rum or honey liquor, I usually have it with 7UP. After trying many different lemonades, to me, 7UP is the best one to have with liquor because of its slightly stronger lemon flavour.

I've heard reviews have mentioned the odd flavour of Dead Man's Fingers KFC Spiced Rum. On trying it, initially I thought I could detect the creaminess of vanilla, which I love as an ingredient in spiced rum. There was then a herby flavour, rather than any spices, which I was disappointed by, and then the vanilla creaminess came back into the aftertaste.

Dead Man's Fingers KFC Spiced Rum may have gone better with cola and a bucket of KFC, as suggested on the bottle. Although I've been told it goes well with ginger beer, which I'll have to try. I usually have spiced rum in the winter time, so I tried it with Cinabar's delicious homemade mince pies, which went okay, but the herbs in the middle of flavour was too much of a distraction. Same with a cheese and cold meats meal, which I usually enjoy with liquor or a big glass of port. I can see why people haven't liked this rum. It just needed more spice than herbs in my opinion.

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