3 September 2023

Dalston's Real Lemonade (+ some scones) [@NLi10]

 We popped to a garden centre today - so I got to see new snacks and try a few to take home.  I don't buy as many new things these days as I used to - it's hard to eat healthy and then try all the snacks - but I can't resist a good drink.

The HipPop crate I bought is down to it's last few cans so I picked up a lemonade for the hot days ahead.

Dalston's is a new-to-me brand that looks like it's been around a while.

very cool branding - almost essential these days!

Ticks all the ethical boxes as well as the low sugar ones.  

Oddly - the second ingredient is concentrated white grape juice, explaining the sweetness but also the flavour profile. It's a pretty grown up lemonade.

And being neither too sharp or too sweet puts this in a nice spot for a sunny day social drink.

I'll be re-visiting this brand in a few weeks when we go back round the garden centres I'm sure!

They also had a lovely display with four kinds of scones (although they were shaped like rock-cakes so tore terribly!)

I had Raspberry & White Choc, with proper clotted cream and a pot of Raspberry Jam (and a nice cup of tea) - yum!

Well worth a mention as often these things are underwhelming, but here I could happily have had a second helping and will hopefully see other fruity (but not raisin/sultana) varieties on offer.

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