6 September 2023

The Skinny Cookie Co. Ginger Crunch Cookies (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

The Skinny Cookie Co. Ginger Crunch Cookies

I do love ginger biscuits, especially crunchy Ginger Nuts. Not only are they sweet and tasty with a mug of tea, or hot white chocolate drink, or even ice cream on a hot night, but they are also good for my digestion. The Skinny Cookie Co. are a brand of Burton's Biscuit Co. just down the road in Birmingham. These Ginger Crunch Cookies should go down a treat tonight after my spicy chicken dinner.

After making a mug of Chai tea, and a mug of Three Ginger Tea by Pukka, on opening the packet of these Ginger Crunch Cookies there was a sweet ginger and apricot aroma from the cookies inside. On taste these cookies had a slightly soft texture, but also with a little crunch. Not too strong in spicy ginger, the sweetness from the apricot soothed any fire, making for an all round fruity lightly spiced cookie, which went perfectly well with my two mugs of tea, and a pot of caramel ice cream on the side.

Information on the packet; In the 170g packet there were 17 cookies, with every two cookies at 85 calories, and with 2.8g of fat, 2.7g of sugar, and 0.02g of salt. High in fibre, please see photograph for the ingredients.

The Skinny Cookie Co. Ginger Crunch Cookies

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