30 September 2023

Jump Ship Brewing: Red Admiral Rye IPA (The Wee Beer Shop) by @Spectreuk

Jump Ship Brewing Red Admiral Rye IPA

I'm sure there's a typo on the can of this Red Admiral Rye IPA. It states it's 0.5% in volume, and it was brewed in Scotland. Jump Ship Brewing is the first Scottish brewery dedicated to making alcohol-free beers. I think they're possibly mad, however, with 59 calories per can and being a red rye beer, I'm more than swayed by the ingredients. Besides, I can eat more chocolate for pudding.

With a trio of British hops of Admiral, Pilgrim, and Jester, this amber ale should have a nutty, fruity and spicy flavour to it. On opening the can there was certainly a nutty aroma, with a heap of malted barley and a little spiciness. This deep red rye beer had a gorgeous nutty malty taste with a touch of fruits and spices. Gosh, this is a flavoursome amber ale I could drink all day, and being so low in calories, and ABV, I could do just that.

Jump Ship Brewing Red Admiral Rye IPA

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