1 October 2023

Gu - $ Zillionaire $ (and Wild Strawberry) [@NLi10]

 What could make Gu puddings better? GOLD!

These little, luxury puddings have taken the supermarkets by storm - and are probably the most accessible premium desert - and the reason most kitchens have a few little glass ramekin floating about.

We picked up a couple of them to take to Nanna's and she'd never had them before.  She had (both) of the strawberry ones so we didn't write those up (although she did declare them to be better than  supermarket trifles and replaced them on her weekly shopping order 😼)

The Zillionaire is 'just' a millionaire shortbread with gold coloured flakes added to the top to impress the influencers.

But with the many, many layers beneath it's easy to see this becoming a repeat buy (while they are still £2.75 for two at Tesco)

Not too sweet, not too salty, and with enough texture variety to make every bite special.  Another Gu classic and one to tempt the nannas into next time.

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