13 October 2023

McCoys Epic Eats Spicy Salsa (Tesco) By @cinabar

McCoys Epic Eats Spicy Salsa

More new crisps! I have been waiting for new flavours for ages, and now we have quite a few interesting ones all coming out at once. It feels like an autumn rush, and I am enjoying every minute. McCoys has not disappointed; they have a few good new flavours, and at the top of my tasting pile are these McCoys Epic Eats Spicy Salsa.

There is definitely a Mexican theme to some of the new varieties, and everyone loves tomato salsa. The crisps are ridged, which helps hold the seasoning on for a more intense flavour. The potato is also fairly thickly cut for a good crunch. The flavour was my favourite so far of the new McCoys taste. The tomato was pleasantly sharp, not sweet like a ketchup variety. There was a background herb taste that shone through, and there was a very gentle amount of spice too. I found myself thinking these were superior to tomato ketchup crisps, which is quite a statement. I liked the added depth to the flavour and the fact that they were slightly less sweet. One thing though is that these are called'spicy' salsa, and although there is a bit of warmth, they are actually much milder than even the McCoys Bangin Barbecue variety was.

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