5 October 2023

El Cierzo Chorizo de Aragon - posh meats but from Tesco! [@NLi10]

 I rarely buy meat for home, but when I do I get stuff that lasts a while - and I tend to choose the premium options.

In Tesco - in the special fridge with all the luxury olives - I saw some meat in cardboard that looked exciting.

It's a special mix of meats, and is sealed for freshness. 

The price is hidden on the back at £3 which I felt was fair for what is essentially 4 columns so clearly 4 portions!

And it looks good - with the Rana gnocchi and the posh olives and a little spinach it was a fab little meal.

The chorizo itself was meaty, salty, and full of flavour and even next to the coconut fried rana balls was the star of the show.  I am certainly looking forwards to this more than I would be the ordinary £2 plastic sealed meats so I think the investment was worthwhile.

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