25 October 2023

Sumo American Pale Ale (Waitrose) by @Spectreuk

Sumo American Pale Ale from Mad Squirrel Brew Co

On the run up to Halloween, this Sumo American Pale Ale from Mad Squirrel Brew Co. has a frightening look about the can. No squirrels were harmed in the brewing of Sumo though, as the can told me it was suitable for vegans.

"Unfiltered for maximum flavour", Sumo was brewed with malted barley, wheat and oats, so this should be a hearty beer indeed. Made with two heavy weight hops of Summit and Mosaic, Sumo was named after its hops for its sheer bitterness of tropical fruit and herbal hops. At 4.7% in volume, Sumo should pack a punch, but not too high in alcohol volume to distract from the hoppiness I'm about to raise my beer tankard to.

There was indeed a cutting citrus tropical hop aroma from the can on pouring this murky golden American Pale Ale. There was a little herby smell at the back of the aroma, with wheat and malted barley to boot. On taste those bitter tropical and herbal hops bashed into me and almost knocked me out of the ring. This flavoursome Sumo tried as it may to add sweetness from the wheat and malts, but the bitterness kept on coming right into the aftertaste. As the can stated, Sumo is definitely a pale ale that would be the last beer standing.

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