22 October 2023

Meatza - a Meat only Pizza from Iceland [@NLi10]

Iceland (the shop) continues to have all kinds of ready meals that seem built for click-bait style reviews.  I think we need a new term - Influencer Fuel? I'm sure I'll figure one out but feel free to add in the comments.

Here we have a Prime example - a pizza with no base at all - just meat on meat with some cheese and tomatoes so your mom will let you have it.

In fairness - it's pretty low calories and sugar (and fibre, and nutrition) 

And it kinda looks fine - like someone threw a mixed grill at the wall?

Put in oven at the magical gas mark 6 until it looks done

In the meantime carry on with Call Of Duty and marvel at all the different kinds of meat they managed to cram in.  It's only roughly 2/3rds meat in fairness - at least 62% if you count the pepperoni and ham 

The rest is the fairly mild sauce & cheese

Looks like space food

And in fairness these don't seem to be trash ingredients

And it shrinks a little on cooking and kinda sizzles in its own juices.  If I was mad enough to buy a 2nd one I think I'd like to finish it off on the grill - heck - precook this for 20 then slap it on a BBQ and you might be on to a winner.

As it stands it's like someone made a meat-feast on top of a big flat burger.  And it's actually quite appealing - if not a little sloppy due to cooking it in such an odd dish

An easy 'meal' to finish though, but pretty unsatisfying.  I resisted the temptation to add bread or veg as I felt it would go against the Meatza philosophy.  I did add buffalo sauce though as none of the ingredients here had any real seasoning of flavour - leading to my assumption that this is for teenagers who refuse to eat food that isn't packaged for manly men.

Overall not something I'd go for again (especially when Iceland's real pizza range is pretty darn good, and their real meat range isn't bad either).  If you have a grumpy teen though this might be a fun way to trick their body into craving vegetables,

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