24 October 2023

Celebrations Hot Chocolate Selection (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Celebrations Hot Chocolate Selection

As we are fully into the autumn season and both Halloween and Christmas don’t seem too far off, the shops are stocking up on the tins of chocolate. In a search for online groceries for a tub, I stumbled across this Celebrations Hot Chocolate Selection. Not chocolates, but cute-flavoured drinks in individual flavoured sachets. All of the hot chocolate drinks are mixed with boiling water and are easy to make.

I put the kettle on and was struggling to make the first choice; options included Galaxy, Galaxy Caramel, Mars, Twix, Maltesers, Snickers, Milky Way and Bounty. I went for Maltesers. The drink took a little bit of stirring to get the lumps out; it wasn’t too bad, but it also wasn’t as quick to dissolve as some. I gave the drink a try, and the flavour was gentle, with a light chocolate flavour and a light malt taste to represent the Maltesers. I tried some of the other flavours, and they all followed the same formula: a little lumpy to mix up and a little light on flavour. These Celebrations Hot Chocolate Selection were pleasant, but nowhere near as exciting as I thought they would be from the cute box. Definitely the best thing about Celebrations are the chocolates in the red tub.

Celebrations Hot Chocolate Selection

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