19 October 2023

Reese's White Blobs That Pretend To Be Pumpkins [@NLi10]

 Every year Reese's puts out seasonal variations that fail to deliver.  Most years I buy them - this time it was a lovely gift!

This is King Size.  Quite what Charles wants with American Candy i'm not sure - his estate could probably whip something better up.

As usual - no effort has been made to make this match the packaging. Neither the colours nor shape are correct - heck - the peanuttyness of it all is questionable too.  Not sure why American's think that peanut butter shouldn't be just peanuts!

Behold - the spooky Halloween Kidney. 

Two in the pack is nice, and these taste decent enough, and as long as you don't require the texture or flavour of either peanuts or chocolate then you are set!

Definitely a Trick not a Treat.

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