8 October 2023

Best Vegan 'Egg' ever? Crackd - the no egg egg [@NLi10]

 We had tofu pretending to be egg a week or so ago - and now I have a bottle with 6 eggs in - but vegan! So what actually is 'Crackd'?

Well - it's listed as "Water, Pea Protein (3%), Corn Oil, Thickener, Pea starch and then miscellaneous other things.  It's a very complicated thing - and a confusing goop.

It talks about black salt the same as the previous version did - people must really want that eggy smell!  I'm fine without - but lets make some "scrambled" to test it out.

Is this custard?

It's almost like a pancake without any other changes - interesting - might have to try that one.

At this point in the cook I was not looking forwards to it.  The smells of the gasses coming off this were repulsive, I assume due to the things it needs to make it bubble and behave like egg.

I over peppered because of this (always a good idea) and then magically it turned into egg like substance.  And the more I let it cool and set, the better it got!

And it essentially became some scrambled egg! Now it might not have the white bits the other version had, but as mentioned that was just nice eggy tofu.  This feels like egg - and the taste is basically like unseasoned egg (maybe a hint of salt) and is perfect for cooking.

The shelflife of the bottle isn't as good as I'd hoped for (I wanted to have this in the fridge for a while for emergencies) so now I have to use it up by having scrambled egg on toast with chorizo and more lovely pepper. 

I do plan to pick up more of this though, and try it out in some recipes instead of just eating it like one of those egg snacking, omnivorous dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.  It's easily the most convincing vegan egg i've tried so far!

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