9 October 2023

McCoys Epic Eats Bangin BBQ Crisps (Tesco) By @cinabar

McCoys Epic Eats Bangin BBQ Crisps

It seems ages since we found new crisps to write about. I’m not sure what happened, but none of the big names had any exciting new releases over the summer, which is unusual. Autumn has hit now, and suddenly I can find new flavours again. I found these crisps and a couple of other multipacks too, the lady on the till must have thought I had a crisp problem. It turns out I do.

First up on the taste test are McCoys Epic Eats Bangin BBQ. I love barbecue sauce, so I was ready for these. I gave them a try. First of all, they have that nice McCoys texture, thick crunchy, but somehow not too crisp. The flavour, though, wasn’t what I was expecting; it does taste of a mild barbecue sauce, and the Bangin element arrives in the form of some chilli heat. I don’t associate BBQ sauce with chilli; there is a warmth to the sauce but not a heat, and these crisps had a heat. I don’t mind spicy crisps; it just felt a little out of place somehow. Nice enough crisps, though, if you don’t mind a bit of spice.

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