27 October 2023

Kit Kat Hazelnut Chunky (Tesco) By @Cinabar

Kit Kat Hazelnut Chunky

There is a new autumnal flavour out from Kit Kat, and it doesn’t even mention caramel on the label. Good times indeed. We have had a lot of caramel-type flavours for Kit Kat here in the UK; it must be one of our favourite things or a guaranteed success for a brand, so it is rather nice to see something a bit different. Dearest chocolate and nut fans, let me present Kit Kat Hazelnut Chunky.

I opened up the wrapper and could instantly smell the nutty goodness of hazelnut. It gave the bar a try and found that the nut taste was lovely and strong; it mixed well with the chocolate. The rich tones of hazelnut and the milk chocolate reminded me of Nutella; these flavours just work. Obviously all the crisp textures were there from Kit Kat too, but I love texture, so the Kit Kat Chunky format works for me, through the nutty taste of hazelnuts, and I found it a complete delight. I’d be very happy if this Kit Kat Hazelnut Chunky bar stayed for a while, as it is a lovely seasonal edition.

Kit Kat Hazelnut Chunky

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