26 October 2023

Social Media's Twisted Hunter's Chicken Waffle Fries from Iceland [@NLi10]

 Continuing the season of food targeted at influencers and impressionable teens on sale at Iceland (the store) we have Twisted - Hunter's Chicken Waffle Fries.  Apparently it's featured on social media - so my guess is that the rogue apostrophe in Hunter's was deliberate to cause comments and engagement.

That said - this looked like a perfect meal for one box so I was happy to give it a try.

If you are a parent looking to teach a teen how to cook in the year remaining before they vanish off to Uni then this is a great option.  They need to use both the oven and the microwave and time everything so they have crispy waffles and non frozen meats.  As both the chicken and the hidden bits of bacon are pre-cooked they shouldn't be able to give themselves food poisoning either and if you suggest a side of baked beans then that's almost a healthy meal! 

Looks a little sparce on opening though - I could eat two of these.

That said - the waffles browned and crisped with no effort from me - and this is in an old creaky oven not a fancy air-frier.

And once you've persuaded all the sauce to part with the plastic container (might have been better to take it out as a frozen lump and microwave it in a bowl - top cooking tips! You can lump one on top of the other and have dinner!

It wasn't exactly gourmet, and I'd have had double the chicken mix to the decent amount of fries, but this tasted and textured like the real thing.  I'd say this was a hit.  And in the 3 for £10 section of Iceland (I think) then I could justify getting two of these, splitting the waffles with my partner and having twice the chicken and letting her have all the cheese for her waffles.

What it has done is make me trust the Twisted range, so I'll be exploring those on next week's visit to the Iceland - once I've cleared space in the freezer at least.

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