29 October 2023

Fruitfetti - Apple & Raspberry - Holland & Barrett (@NLi10)

 Our family have been shopping in health food shops since I was tiny - probably as a result of my Grandmother who loved all kinds of supplements and potions.  As part of this we'd spend a lot of time in these shops as children - but were fortunately allowed to choose a snack to take home.  Usually these were horrible - but the two safe options were the Hedgehog Crisps, and things made out of dried fruits. (Later on they also sold Kettle Chips!)

I spotted a display of Fruitfetti - and thought that it was some kind of eco-friendly confetti that was also bird food.  While not far off - it's actually human food.

And the little tubs on the side suggested that the apple one was almost exactly like one of my favourite childhood snacks - freeze dried green apple chunks! And now it was a 50:50 mix with raspberry too which was a bonus.  The tub shows an even mix.

The pack says it's an even mix.

The art says it's an even mix.

The bowl says it's 80% apple!

Now this isn't entirely unexpected - the raspberry is the expensive bit afterall - but I'd have expected it to be at least a little closer to 50%.

That said - the nostalgia is strong with this one, and as the apple was the main reason for trying these and the taste is spot on then I can't be too disappointed.

I think the price of £3 feels a little high - just eat a fresh apple was the response when we'd ask for these - but it's likely correct as these were always a luxury item.  They last a lot longer as an adult, as we used to pour them into our mouths like popping candy!
I shall try all the flavours out of journalistic responsibility and report back, especially as one has blueberries.

Probably not one to give to small children these days, but for me a nice little flavour boost while out and about.


Anonymous said...

Hey I just wanted to say I've been reading your blog for ages and still very much enjoy following it! Thank you for not giving up or moving on to other platforms like instagram. :)

cinabar said...

Thank you for your lovely comment. No idea how we have managed to keep writing about something every day for so many years; guess it is a habit now! Thank you for reading; it is much appreciated. :)

NLi10 said...