12 October 2023

St Michel Choco Waffle [@NLi10]

 We were in Tesco and I spotted a new range of little chocolate based treats, and they looked like exciting Euro things - but had made it to the UK!

Only £1.50 too - can't turn that down (but I only decided to get one) these are usually all the same but different shapes.

Cheap compared to all the Halloween stuff.

Very much lunchbox snacks.  

I think that I'd have preferred them with stronger flavours, but as a versatile little combo you can't go too wrong here.

Soft spongy cake with a decently hearty flavour, and a soft chocolate filling to each of the modules makes for a pleasing, if a little unfilling snack.

I'd happily finish the box though (almost have) and may try the other versions if still on the discounted stand.

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