6 October 2023

Toblerone Truffles (Tesco) By @Cinabar

Toblerone Truffles

The worst thing about Toblerone is trying to break pieces off the bar. There, I said it. The chunkier the Toblerone, the harder it is to get to the chocolate. They say to push the pieces in to release them instead of pulling them, and that still doesn’t work too well. So Toblerone has solved their own problem by selling a box of wrapped pieces instead.

To be honest, these are actually truffles rather than exactly what you get in the bar, but I thought I would give them a try.

Opening wise, this is a win: a card box and simple wrappers! Lol. The chocolate smells like Toblerone, and the flavour is very similar; it lacks that sticky texture and honey from the nougat, but it still tastes clearly of Toblerone. The centre is softer, but there are generous amounts of nuts.

These new Toblerone Truffles are tasty and very easy to snack on. I’m expecting to finish the box with a Friday night gaming session without any worry of the hassle of sharing an oversize bar.

Toblerone Truffles

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