18 October 2023

Nestle Milky Bar Coconut (Candy Mail) By @SpectreUK

Nestle Milky Bar Coconut

It's getting into more of a hot chocolate season for me, where I like a white hot chocolate with my pudding after dinner. This Nestle Milky Bar Coconut should go down a treat tonight. I don't mind a bit of coconut and I love white chocolate. The first white chocolate bar I tried when I was very young was Nestle's Milky Bar, and Nestle's Milky Bar is still my favourite white chocolate bar.

On opening this Nestle Milky Bar Coconut there was a pleasing smell of coconut and white chocolate. It strictly says "know your serving - 4 pieces = 1 serving" on the front of the wrapper. I've never been all that great at following instructions, so I decided to eat the whole bar.

I could see there were light white coconut flecks all the way through this Nestle Milky Bar Coconut. On taste these coconut flecks came to the fore. It was pretty much like what you would expect eating a solid white chocolate coconut bar would be like. The coconut flecks really complemented the creamy white chocolate, which in turn complemented my white hot chocolate drink. A perfectly indulgent pudding indeed.

Information on the wrapper; Each serving contained 535KJ, 12.6g of sugar, 7.9g of fat, and 21mg of sodium.

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