15 October 2023

Baker Street Christmas - Chocolate & Orange Cake Truffles [@NLi10]

 We picked these up as a pre-Christmas thing as a nice tray to leave out on the table when visitors popped round - but we snuck a few beforehand for test purposes.

They certainly look like table toppers - with their lovely gold tray and their inviting description and smells.

They are intended to look like the chocolate balls that you get on the Christmas Market stands - prized by the stall holders for their ability to sit on display for long periods of time.  They are also beloved by cold visitors to those markets looking for a sugar kick to help carry the bags back to the car.

Thing is - we tend to like the crumbly light truffles of Monty Bojangles and similar, and had hoped that these were similar to the high end store brand versions.  They were not - they are really heavy and stodgy and don't have that much of a flavour to them.

Look at that density!

I ate precisely one of these - as did almost all of the family visitors.  The couple of people that did like them easily demolished the rest (which was handy!).

So - if you like really dense chewy truffle/cake balls then these are for you!

If you want the super light Belgian truffles that M&S do then just head for those instead, and get me a box while you are there!

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