16 October 2023

McVities Mini Gingerbread Men (Sainsburys) By @Cinabar

McVities Mini Gingerbread Men

I love the flavours of autumn; all the spices come out to play. McVities has brought out these Mini Gingerbread Men in portion-controlled bags. The design of the bag is rather cute, with gingerbread men with sunglasses, walking their dogs, and... what is the gingerbread man bottom right doing? Is that a lamp chop or a bag of swag? Oh well, perhaps it is best to focus on the contents.

There are six bags of biscuits in the pack. Each bag has a balanced 88 calories; I wasn’t expecting to find very many mini gingerbread men in each pack for that. I opened up one of the mini bags and was pleased to see seven mini gingerbread men, a decent amount and perfect to have dunked in hot chocolate. I do autumn properly.

The biscuits have a nice flavour and a good crunch. There is sweetness and a gentle spice, which I rather liked. They are a good size for having with a cuppa, but the mini nature of the gingerbread men might make them appeal to those decorating an autumn cake too. I can see these decorating the top of a carrot cake and looking ever so cute. 

McVities Mini Gingerbread Men

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