8 September 2023

Cornetto Soft: Cookie and Chocolate (Tesco) By @Cinabar

Cornetto Soft: Cookie and Chocolate

It is sweltering hot in the UK. This meant one thing: emergency ice cream on a midweek order. I wanted to get something a bit different, so I thought I’d see what cornettos were available, and in amongst the standard chocolate and strawberry, I found a variety I hadn’t tried before: Cornetto Soft: Cookie and Chocolate Edition.

The standard Cornetto that we buy is fairly flat on the top, in that there is usually a piece of card to pull off. These Cornetto Soft Editions are larger and have lots of ice cream piled up; they look very impressive.

I gave one a try, and what a delight on a hot day! The ice cream is part cookie and part chocolate, so it is creamy. The soft whip makes it light to eat, and although it was flavoured, it did have an ice cream van feel about it. The only issue was that, despite the fact that the bottom of the cornetto had chocolate to line it, it still started to melt. I think that says more about the heat here than it does about the ice cream cone, as that doesn’t usually happen. Still, this was just what we needed on a hot day.

If I buy a few more ice creams on the Saturday shop, it is going to rain, isn’t it?

Cornetto Soft: Cookie and Chocolate

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