7 September 2023

Future Burger 4.0 - Revolutionary Plant Burger [@NLi10]

 Welcome To The World Of Tomorrow!

Well - the burger of recently anyway. Sales for plant based alternatives are down in the USA but seem fine here in the U.K., so we keep getting things designed to repulse vegans, but appeal to meat-eaters trying to resist actual meat.

Todays option is the Future Burger - a plant based but suspiciously beefy burger.

Cooks like a beef burger too.

Far too real for my vegetarian partner, guess I’m eating both of these.

Season a little and pan fry away - and sort out the sides

Olives and a home grown dark-variety tomato that’s all flavour!

Looks authentic when cooked, smells authentic when cooked - and the taste is good! Goes well with noodles.

But - after a few bites your body isn’t fooled anymore - it’s still clearly not as filling as a meat burger - but it’s really great and I’m looking forwards to eating the second another day. A victory for vegan imitations.

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