26 March 2024

3 Hot Honey Hatchlings (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

3 Hot Honey Hatchlings (Waitrose)

As I had an order placed with Waitrose, and that is a bit of a treat, I decided to see what chocolates they have for Easter. There were plenty of gorgeous eggs, but I was after something I could legitimately snack on before the big day, a treat for myself. Gosh, work has been stressful recently, so a chocolate fix was in order.

3 Hot Honey Hatchlings (Waitrose)

I found these Hot Honey Hatchlings and they sounded a little bit different. They are made with a 65% dark chocolate filled with Mexican honey caramel and a touch of chilli powder, so a very traditional recipe for chilli chocolate. The chicks look lovely and nicely moulded. The chocolate is nice and thick, and there is a lot of filling. I bit in and tried not to let the honey-flavoured liquid inside run down my chin. The first flavour is from the chocolate; it is rich, dark, and full of flavour. Then there is the sweetness of honey, and then a gentle tingle from the chilli, which grew into a bit of a burn and some serious warmth. 

These Hot Honey Hatchlings are very well balanced; they have a complex flavour, but all elements have their moment, and I found that really impressive. They are also a super cute-looking Easter treat, which is rather nice. 

3 Hot Honey Hatchlings (Waitrose)

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MrsDoc said...

My husband bought me these for Easter and they are the most delicious chocolates I have ever eaten. I am trying to source where I can get them from because they are definitely NOT just for Easter!!!