2 March 2024

Siren Pompelmocello Juicy Grapefruit Sour IPA (Asda) By @SpectreUK

Siren Pompelmocello Juicy Grapefruit Sour IPA

I'm confused by the name of this beer by Siren Craft Brew. A little like Limoncello, Pompelmocello uses the zest of grapefruit, rather than lemon, to produce a sweet Italian liquor. Whereas, this Pompelmocello Juicy Grapefruit Sour IPA is, by the title, a sour beer. I usually don't like sour beers at all, so I'm not looking forward to this IPA.

At 6% in volume this so called juicy sour India Pale Ale should pack quite a punch, as well as some face twisting on tasting. Made with Simcoe, Talus and Mosiac hops, with a twist of grapefruit juice, and then some promised sweetness from added lactose to hopefully soften the blow of sourness, this take on Pompelmocello should certainly be a taste sensation.

On opening the can there was a sharp sour grapefruit smell. It smelt a bit like grapefruit on steroids. Oooooh… On taste it's the definition of sourness. Mean as a snake in a hole, this Pompelmocello Juicy Grapefruit Sour IPA, had a bite that keeps on biting. The sourness seemed to overshadow any sweetness from the malts or lactose. I know I'm not a fan of sour beers, but I do love the flavour of grapefruit juice, but unfortunately not combined in an India Pale Ale.

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