24 March 2024

Percy Pig & Colin Catepillar - eat their faces! [@NLi10]

 Marks & Spencer have had a lot of fun with their character brands in recent years - to the extent that virtually everything is themed to Percy the pink pig or Colin the Catterpillar if it can.  Here we see a prime example - eat the chocolate faces off the cake as a Thorntons style chocolate lollipop! These are very much a part of childhood shopping trips.

At £1.75 for 26g of chocolate I can see why these were a begrudging treat.

I chose the raspberry flavoured Percy as my treat with Colin in the bag for my partner. A welcome pick-me-up for showing Nanna round the shop.Great flavours and decent chocolate quality. Worth the admission price

We went to the cafe after - and I’d planned to get a Percy Pig Frappe (poor guy) but they’d run out of blender ice! I settled for tea and a wrap.

I chose the egg wrap as it seemed nice and healthy - but what’s this…

…oh no - Percy is in this too!  I’d not consciously chosen the smoked ham, but all of the themed messages must have snuck in.

I’m not sure that M&S would be wise to theme the pork based sandwiches to Percy, I think it might cause a few too many questions.

Very nice wrap though - good egg and veg. And as always the M&S tea was perfect.

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