23 March 2024

Waffle & Maple Syrup Blueberry Coffee Stout (The Wee Beer Shop) By @SpectreUK

Waffle & Maple Syrup Blueberry Coffee Stout

Play Brew have created this crazy sounding Waffle & Maple Syrup Blueberry Coffee Stout as a breakfast beer. At 6.5% in volume, I just shouldn't go trying to operate heavy machinery at work straight afterwards. I also say "crazy sounding" because of the amount of different flavours involved. In taste there should be sweetness from the Canadian Maple Syrup, and French Vanilla. Somewhere in there is waffle flavour. There should also be a little fruitiness from the natural blueberries and honeyberry added in the brewing. However, these flavours could, just could, be totally overwhelmed by the roasted coffee. We shall see.

On opening the can there was certainly sweet maple syrup, creamy vanilla and roasted coffee in the aroma. On pouring this jet black Waffle & Maple Syrup Blueberry Coffee Stout, the liquid almost oozed into my waiting beer mug. On taste there was the fruity topping of blueberries straight away, and bitterness of herbal hops, with creaminess of vanilla and a sweetness from the added maple syrup. I could actually taste a little waffle underneath all those flavours, and then the roasted coffee woke up and pounced, taking my tastebuds off into the aftertaste with a good wallop of malts. This is certainly is a waker-upper of a flavoursome stout. I wouldn't mind waking up to this on a lazy day in bed with a good book. Now where are my reading glasses?

Waffle & Maple Syrup Blueberry Coffee Stout

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