5 March 2024

Aero Melts Neapolitan Ice Cream (Asda) By @Cinabar

Aero Melts Neapolitan Ice Cream

So there is a bit of a theme at the moment, with ice cream flavours becoming popular in confectionery. Aero have decided to go for the classical Neapolitan Ice Cream as their new flavour. I used to love Neapolitan Ice Cream as a kid; it felt like it was a secret way of picking three flavours instead of one for dessert. I would, of course, eat each flavour in order from left to right too, because I didn’t actually want to mix them.

It is a bit easier to sort the colours here as they are in the form of chocolate buttons; each one has bubbles in it too, which is Aero’s thing. I did notice that the chocolate ones are smaller than the other two colours, but only a little.

Strawberry: this was sweet and fruity, but quite mild and creamy too. It had a nice taste, like creamy strawberry ice cream.

Chocolate: pretty sure these are the regular milk chocolate Aero buttons; they are creamy-tasting sweet chocolate.

White: these ones are super creamy and sweet, a white chocolate with added sweetness. I liked it, as I have a high tolerance for sugar.

The texture of all the Aero Melts Neapolitan Ice Cream buttons is lovely, they do properly melt because of the bubbles, and I enjoyed the flavours. I do appreciate they might be a bit sweet for some, though. 

Aero Melts Neapolitan Ice Cream

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