17 March 2024

Chocolarder 72% Ashaninka Peruvian Rainforest chocolate [@Nli10]

 We first found this brand because of the insanely dark 100% variety we found on holiday once, but now it's showing up in a few more places it's worth dipping back in - especially as this version is likely to be a bigger hit with the masses.

This is purest chocolate, treating the raw product like an art form or an expensive wine.  At nearly £5 for a 70g bar you'll instantly know if this is something that's for you.  

The packaging is as considered as the journey it's take to get to you

and every step is like unboxing an expensive gadget - but necessary for the plastic-free safety of the bar inside. And oh what a bar!

This is certainly giftable chocolate if you know someone who appreciates the stronger and more sensual side of the snack.

The tasting notes are indeed spot on - this has a fruity richness that suggests hints of sweet treats that are not one of the two ingredients (cocoa, sugar).  The red fruit is the main flavour, tasting almost like a winter fruits pudding, with the sharp aftertaste of the cocoa providing the rest.  

Where as the 100% dark was the perfect accompaniment to a sweeter treat this is perfectly snackable as it is - but I rarely have more than a couple of bites at a time - enough to savour the flavour but not so much that you loose track of all the sensations.

I'll definitely return to the brand just to see how they've taken on other styles of chocolate.  A big hit for me.

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