27 March 2024

Wasted Degrees Amber Rye ale (The Wee Beer Shop) By @SpectreUK

Wasted Degrees Amber Rye ale (The Wee Beer Shop)

I love rye beer. I'm just putting that out there as a bit of a disclaimer to start with. This 5% in volume Wasted Degrees Amber Rye ale sounds right up my street. Made in Scotland, hops of Mandarina, Bavaria, and Cashmere were added in the brewing, as well as I'm hoping, a whole spicy heap of red rye, some barley, oats, and wheat. Oh, this should wash down my Shepherd's Pie a treat tonight.

On opening the can there was a glorious spicy rye aroma, with a touch of orange from the Manadrina hops. This red amber coloured ale tasted of sweet and spicy biscuits from the rye and malts, a touch of herbal bitterness and a hint of orange flavour, with even a slight smokiness. Wheat and a full body of oats sat neatly in the background as all those glorious spices of rye and sweet amber malts, as well as herbal zesty hoppy bitterness took centre stage. I'm so glad I insisted on having a second can in the order from The Wee Beer Shop.

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