1 March 2024

Munchies Cookie Dough Ice Cream (Sainsburys) By @Cinabar

Munchies Cookie Dough Ice Cream

This year I can see that the trend is going to be ice cream flavours. Last week, Spectre wrote about Raspberry Ripple Milkybar buttons, and here we have the Munchies Cookie Dough Ice Cream Edition. Of course, both products are made by Nestle, but I’m still loving the idea of these retro flavours.

The Munchies are the usual milk chocolate square shapes and still have the biscuit inside, but surrounding this is a cookie dough flavour filling. I gave one a try, and the first thing to note is that the texture is all there; that is what Munchies are known for, that soft chocolate and crunchy biscuit that those of us who love texture so much.

The cookie dough element is creamy and sweet, and tastes nicely of vanilla and sweet caramel. I’m not sure I would have been able to guess it was cookie dough in a blind tasting, but it was creamy, sweet, and the right sort of flavour, and they are very moreish. I only meant to have a couple to try, and well, now I don’t have any left for later. 

Munchies Cookie Dough Ice Cream

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