3 March 2024

Chocolate Flavour Kellogg's Corn Flakes - but not a cake! [@NLi10]

 When we were young the default first 'recipe' we ever made was to melt chocolate and to mix in cornflakes.  We'd then let it set and claim we'd made cornflake cakes.  As we got older we'd only ever do this at Easter and put Mini Eggs in the nest on top.

And 30 years later Kellogg's now sell pre-chocolated Corn Flakes!

Well - I'm assuming they've not done this before due to the 'new' on the box - but frankly they probably have - just not in this form.

And the way they aren't quite covered in the chocolate is exactly how it used to be when we'd make them too!

With (almond) milk this turns into a fairly normal cereal - it doesn't make the milk go chocolaty which is interesting, but it does taste very similar to corn flake cakes of my childhood.

A nice change to the breakfast routine, but maybe a little indulgent for everyday use.


Casey B said...

What's the point of chocolate Corn Flakes, or cereal in general, if it doesn't make the milk chocolatey?

Yes, it's a natural step, but not one I'll take.

Thanks for the review.

Anonymous said...

Funny you should say that - the milk went chocolatey today because I left it a lot longer! Not quite cocopops style colour and taste but it surprised me!