10 March 2024

Tony's Chocolonely egg-stra special chocolate eggs - Oxfam [@NLi10]

 Happy Mothers Day to those that celebrate - and what better way to celebrate than with Easter Eggs!

Tony's started off in Oxfam and seem to have spread to loads of other places now too.  It's nice that they still seem to get all these bonus editions of things like this mixed bag of eggs.  Often in the charity shops its just flat bars of chocolate.

Look at all those ingredients! And they are keen to end slavery in chocolate. 

Importantly the colour coding is further down - you get 3 of the plainer ones and two of each of the more exotic.  A good mix.

And here is two as an example - both nutty, but one with a twist.

I had the dark choc sea salt almond one - as you can see it's two halves lightly stuck together so it's easier to eat - genius.

And - it's the usual high quality chocolate - none of the cheaper chocolate you often see at Easter (in fairness as it's easier to shape).

At £6 for 20 eggs it's not cheep 🐣 but 30p an egg is still pretty decent - and as they are individually wrapped they are easy to share too.  And they taste great!

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