31 March 2024

Pink Shreddies - Raspberry & White Chocolate Ltd Ed [@NLi10]

 Breakfast time is great - there are loads of options.  Here we see another new limited edition for Asda - tickled pink Shreddies!

I'm only here for the raspberries!

Oh - 25p to charity per pack (assuming they sell all 126,600 packs) - I can get behind that too!

They look like normal Shreddies, but do have the Nesquik vibe to them

And this looked pinker in real life - I promise!  The flavour is there though - and yes - you could just sprinkle some milkshake powder on your cereal like we did as kids.

Fine enough - but not worth a special trip to Asda.

And a happy Easter too - here is Flo investigating the chocolate bunny I got from nanna.



Anonymous said...

Is that a Lindt chocolate bunny? It looks like one and then again doesn't...or are they different in the UK?

NLi10 said...

I think it's just the angle, but we do get many different sizes here!