30 March 2024

Dippy Egg Mini Whips (Marks and Spencer’s) By @SpectreUK

Dippy Egg Mini Whips (Marks and Spencer’s)

Happy Easter! At this time of year I love to eat a whole large chocolate Easter Egg in one siting. These Dippy Egg Mini Whips might not be all that big, however, made especially for Marks and Spencer's they should be pretty tasty. They seem to be meant as a posh Cadbury's Creme Egg, with a mallow and orange sauce twist.
Dippy Egg Mini Whips (Marks and Spencer’s)

On first sight of these "milk chocolate filled with mallow and an orange flavoured sauce" Dippy Egg Mini Whips, they were dusty milk chocolate coated whips with a chocolate orange aroma. As you can see from the photograph, on biting into one, there was a lot of mallow and a little orange sauce. Having said that, the orange sauce was pretty strong in flavour.

Popping them one at a time into my mouth, and washed them down with a mug of Jaffa Orange Chocolate tea* all went rather well together for a lovely dessert after my meatballs and pasta dinner. Yum.

Have a great Easter :-)

Information on the packet; The 120g bag contained 496 calories per 100g, with 24.5g of fat, 53.8g of sugar, 0.13gof salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Dippy Egg Mini Whips (Marks and Spencer’s)

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