7 March 2024

Reese's Peanut Butter Creme egg but a chick [@Nli10]

 It's almost Easter - so the great selection of Easter products are in the shop - as is the trashy cash ins!

This is the team at Reeses's seasonal version of 'the blob' the chocolate covered peanut slop that they release for every occasion possible

It aslo has the odd theming of a chick that is shaped like an egg, which presumably contains a chick too?!

As usual the ingredients are technically present.

And the peanut goo is here in force!  I'm not quite sure what they put in this that makes everyone go wild.  I mean I'm happy enough to pay 30p or whatever to get a quick review done, but the salt and sugar is a nice bonus.

Not one to rush out for, and nothing out of the ordinary, but if you like 'American Candy' and don't want to pay import prices then I guess it's perfect for you!

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