14 March 2024

Tyrell's black garlic & sour cream crisps from Waitrose [@NLi10]

 My partner brought home this big sharing bag of Tyrell's black garlic & sour cream crisps from Waitrose for alongside lunch

She's already had a decent amount before I got to the bag so this isn't a full portion

As you'd expect it's the good quality Tyrrells crisp with the strong flavours and ingredients that are the thing that you are supposed to be tasting.

Thing is - I just wasn't that keen!  I think the sour cream trend in crisps is not one that I'm on board with, and although I love garlic I just couldn't get behind this.

The crisps are great quality, and would go great with a salad or sandwich as a side.  But - for me - I just didn't enjoy them and only had a couple.  My partner however loved them and has said she'd buy them again (especially as she knows she'd get the whole bag to herself).

Guess it's just a taste dependant thing - good job there are loads of other flavours to try in the range.

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