9 January 2009

Mr Bunbury Biscuit Cakes (Sainsbury’s)

I love the box! These are indeed very nicely packaged; it’s a one colour box which is nicely presented to look hand drawn. The bars are individually wrapped, excellent for keeping fresh, as I quite often open biscuit type products and they go soft before I finish them (I like to try, but not to scoff)!

The biscuit cakes themselves are very thick but moist. When you bite into one there are a good range of textures to be discovered within the bar, from crunchy biscuit bits through to soft raisins. All of these ingredients are beautifully complemented and fused together with a good amount of chocolate. Very nice, went lovely with my coffee.


Katie said...

How cool is that box? Looks like it has come from a Roald Dahl Book!

cinabar said...

Or indeed Harry Potter! Found some brownies by the same make too, will write about them shortly!