17 February 2009

Caramellow (Hotel Chocolat)

Recently somebody pointed out to me that there was a lack of Hotel Chocolat products on my website, as this needed rectifying I felt obliged to visit the shop and treat myself. I bought a selection of their smaller bars to try, but will start with this Caramellow one.

Half of this bar is white chocolate, the other half is milk and the two are marbled together. Decorating the top are pieces of cinder toffee, chocolate buttons and a toffee Florentine. The white and milk chocolate are of a superb quality, and although the chocolate is quite thick it still remains relatively soft to bite. The buttons and the cinder toffee are a pleasant addition and add nice texture. The only negative point is that the Florentine is a little hard and sticky. This doesn’t ruin the bar or anything; the rest of it is far too good for that!


Katie said...

I love hotel chocolat stuff, its the best.

Anonymous said...

Hotel chocolat is pant wettingly good. Love the slabs http://www.hotelchocolat.co.uk/chocolate-bars-Chcoslab/ Mmmmmmm!!

cinabar said...

I know, the whole shop is just filled with so many temptations! I bought five bars when I went in, and it was almost impossible to narrow it down on what to buy! Solution - I'm going to have to go back! ;-)