1 September 2010

Cadburys Neilson Sweet Marie [By Spectre] (Cybercandy)

Not one for usually reviewing chocolate, Cinabar passed me this bar to try. Sweet Marie sounds like a girl I used to date in Montreal. Okay, you got me... I've never been to Canada and I don't know anyone called Marie. This is one of Canada's favourite bars and is available at CyberCandy stores. It's a big long bar with a nougat running through its centre covered with a huge amount of peanuts which are then covered with Cadbury's Milk Chocolate. Speaking as a person who's played Russian Roulette with Revels, I've never been particularly fond of peanuts in chocolate. In fact, I just don't like them. Most people seem to try and avoid the coffee flavour, but for me it's the peanut chocolates every time. "So why would you agree to try this bar?" I hear you say. I agreed to try it because it's Cadburys, the wrapper is coloured like a Caramel bar and I stupidly didn't realise it had peanuts in it until I'd taken the first bite. Having said that the usual Cadbury's Milk Chocolate and the nougat centre tasted heavenly and went surprisingly well with the dreaded peanuts. I crunched down the chocolate bar pretty quickly and was thankful for my Swiss Army Knife's toothpick. Every one of the hundred or so peanuts (possible exaggeration, but unlikely) in the bar seemed to be stuck in between one tooth or another, and took quite a while to pick out. I was left with the aftertaste of peanuts. If any women called Marie walked past during this time, I guess it probably put her off me.
By Spectre

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cinabar said...

We are based in the UK - and we too spell favourite like that :-)

Do you have the cinnamon Kit Kat there then? Or was it just a limited edition?