14 September 2010

Cupcakes In A Jar (gdesserts.com)

Yes, you read that right, these are cupcakes served in a jar! When I first heard about these cakes I was absolutely desperate to try them as they are such a neat idea. Not only are they really pretty to look at, but the jar keeps them fresh and enables them to be posted too, so it’s not just a novelty, its rather clever too.

The lovely people at GDesserts sent me both the Chocolate Nutter cupcake and the Red Velvet version to try. The smaller jar is the ‘taster’ size and the larger jar their ‘regular’. The cupcakes were well packaged for their trip in the post, and even had cold packs in with them to ensure they were fresh.

Red Velvet
I was really intrigued by this flavour, as I know my American friends often talk about having Red Velvet cake. The flavour is somewhere between chocolate and vanilla, and I am pleased to say that the fabulous vibrant colour is all natural. The icing is a sweet and creamy cheese flavour mixed with sugar and vanilla and a lovely rich after taste of white chocolate. There is a gentle hint of cocoa in the red sponge, and all the delicate but sweet flavours work well together. Although delicious, it seemed such a shame to eat such a pretty cake! Glad I did though, it was a real treat.

Chocolate Nutter
Gosh I do love chocolate and nut flavours mixed together, so I think it is fair to say I had high expectations for this cupcake, and I was not disappointed. The icing is soft and moist, and the flavours of cocoa, butter and nut just melt on the tongue. The sponge underneath is so fluffy and light and brings the most wonderful rich dark chocolate and hazelnut flavours. There was even a hazelnut hiding in the centre of this cake. This little cupcake is a jar filled with absolutely heaven, chocolate, creaminess, butter, hazelnut and a beautiful moist sponge – a complete pleasure to eat.

I was delighted to discover that these wonderful cakes more than lived up to the expectations I had when I first heard about them. Beautiful to look at, and baked to perfection too.


Anne said...

Cakes in jars are genius! I like to bake jar cakes as little presents. :-) Always well received.

Didn't know such a thing was commercially available! They do look really pretty and sound rather delicious.

cinabar said...

I love a novelty - but these are just so pretty, its hard not to love them!