5 September 2010

Magnum - Temptation Chocolate (Ocado) [By @NLI10]

I was awoken today by the sound of heavy rain - signalling that summer in the UK is well and truly on its way out. I had a lovely day at a local festival on Friday in the sun, but the weather ahead seems grey and gloomy.
So what better time to review ice-creams! While I was in London there were lots of adverts on the tube system for Walls Ice-creams new Magnum. As this is already their premium range and this was billed as a premium addition I thought that it would be a lovely holiday treat. I completely failed to find any though - none of the tourist shops or the Tesco Metro had any in stock.
On returning I happened to spot these on my final free Ocado delivery and added them to the basket. On arrival the packaging and experience is far more like the unboxing of a new iPod than having a quick snack. There are three individual silver boxes in the thick crisp cellophane outer and each of these is individually sealed so that the box springs open. Inside the little reflective box is an infinity shaped ice-cream on its own small protective raft. Despite online shopping for these none were even cracked upon arrival.
The bar itself is really 3D. The shape is not flat on the two main sides and is quite an unusual thing to behold. Once you bite into the slightly thicker than usual, rich dark chocolate the ice-cream inside is full of other things. There are milk, dark, and white chocolate pieces, a layer of thin cake running down the centre which seems to be infused with something and to top it all off a rich chocolate ice-cream holds it all together. And if anyone from Walls is reading I’d love a deluxe white choc version with berries in for next year please.
Like the Gu range this is a restaurant quality desert, and serving this little sarcophagus of joy at a dinner party would see you being compared with Heston Blumenthal's crazy dinners. Unlike most cold deserts I can see me secretly hiding a box of these in the freezer and getting them out in December for my fiance and I to eat in front of a roaring fire.
By @NLi10


Anne said...

Oh yes, Magnum Temptation is a divine ice cream treat! Very nice review, which left me graving for one. :-) Have you ever tried the caramel almond version? Love that one even more, but I have a serious strong affinity to almonds and caramel anyway. In Germany I also had a Temptation Fruit once, but sadly it does not seem to be available in the UK:

NLi10 said...

Then I have to go on holiday to Germany!

Thanks for the comments - some caramel things I like, some I don't so it may be touch and go on the ice-cream.