13 September 2010

Twiglets Worcestershire Sauce (Waitrose)

As far as I’m aware ‘flavoured’ Twiglets don’t come out very often, in fact I think this might be their first appearance on the blog! Standard Twiglets consist of a baked snack coated in a yummy, yeasty Marmitey tasting coating. Like Marmite, people tend to love or hate them!

These new Limited Edition Worcestershire Sauce variety do look quite similar to regular Twiglets as they are the usual chunky nobly baked pieces, but the pattern on them isn’t quite as dark. Despite similar appearances the flavour was very different. Instead of the salty yeast taste there is the wonderful warm sweet spicy flavour of Worcestershire Sauce shining through. They are crunchy and moreish, and the new flavour works wonderfully on them. Worcestershire sauce is a favourite flavour of mine, love it on cheese and toast, and as such this zingy meaty flavour really works for me as a Twiglet flavouring.

It is a shame that those (crazy) people who aren’t usually a fan of the regular Twiglets taste probably won’t pick these up because of the assumption that the flavour with still have an aspect of yeastiness. Instead these have a totally new flavour – they are absolutely fab, and should have a much wider appeal. Worcestershire Sauce on that crunchy crispy base just makes for a heavenly snack!


Heidi said...

These used to exist donkeys years ago! I am glad they are back (even if it's just a ltd edition) :) Thanks for the review!

cinabar said...

Really, I don't remember them? But then I rarely got Twiglets as a kid due to my mum's aversion to anything that tastes even slightly of Marmite!
Let me know if you find them - and what you think, I'd like to know if they are as good as you remember!

Anne said...

Checked my local Morrison today, thay sadly only had the originals. :( Would really like to try these as I am also a huge fan of the good ol' Worcestershire Sauce...

Btw since you tend to be on the look out for "healthier" snacks. Have you ever tried these: http://www.snapzcrisps.com/product-range.htm

I had the apple cinnamon ones the other day and loved them! Have yet to try the strawberry ones. Also had the beetroot chips, if you like beetroot you'd prolly also like those. :-)

Will said...

YES! They're back! AAHHHHHH!

cinabar said...

Anne - hope you find them soon! And I will keep an eye out for the apple snapz - they do sound nice :-)
But not the beetroot - beetroot is icky!

Will - lots of people are pleased to see their return! Let me know if they live up to your expectations?

Anne said...

These were simply not to be found in any supermarket near me. So for the first time ever, I wen into a Waitrose. *g* probably walked off some of the calories these things have by doing so. ;-)

Anyway, my verdict? Really, nice stuff indeed! I never had the original ones but I can definitely say that I like this limited edition. The wholeweat taste goes really nice with the Worcestershire flavour, which they pull off very nice.

Thank you for pointing these out!

cinabar said...

I always find that if I visit a supermarket that I haven't visited for a long time I always end up buying too much - but I just blame it on the blog! :-D Hope you didn't spend too much in Waitrose?
Glad you found the Twiglets, and enjoyed them! :-) You'll have to try the original ones at some point, and let me know what you think - they are a bit of an acquired taste mind, but I like them.

Anonymous said...


I need to try and find some ofthese Worcester Twiglets for my daughters christmas stocking.

Anybody know where i can get some , or are they all sold out ?

many Thanks

cinabar said...

I would try calling a few of the big supermarkets - see if they have any? These were from Waitrose, but I understand Asda were stocking them too. Good luck! :-)

tangytwiglets4life said...

7 years later and I've never seen these anywhere again. Easily my favourite "crisp" ever.

Sean's Blog said...

I know depressing :(