21 September 2010

Tyrrells Summer Barbecue Crisps (Sainsbury’s)

Well these crisps made me smile when I saw them on the shelf. Partly because they have the word ‘Summer’ in the title and the weather has clearly taken a dive, and partly because on closer inspection there is a photo on the front of people sheltering under a brolly! Okay, these are proper British Summer barbecue crisps then!
The flavour of them reminds me more of barbecue sauce rather barbecued meat or the flavours from a physical barbecue. Spectre confirmed this thought by saying that they reminded him of the rib sauce you get in Chiquito’s restaurants. The taste was sweet, rich with a good element of tomato and a tangy smokiness to finish. Part of the flavour was even a little like a spiced tomato ketchup, sweet and tangy. There was also an element of saltiness that came through at the very end that kept me reaching for more.
I thoroughly enjoyed these crisps, and thought these in conjunction with the Butter and Mint Crisps means we have seen some wonderful flavours coming from Tyrrells this summer. Really looking forward to finding out what they have in store for their Autumn flavours!

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