12 September 2010

Pieminister - Moo Pie {by @NLi10} (Ocado)

Welcome back to the Pieminister & Fentimans portion of this blog where I get to try other products in the ranges that I like because technically they are new finds.

This time round though I've made it to the beef end of the pie section, where traditional pies tend to be found. It's not that I don't like beef pies, prior to my Pieminister addiction I was very fond of Asda's Beef pie with puff pastry and always had one of those next to the chicken version in my freezer for when playing on Xbox Live seemed more important than cooking did.

Compared to a lot of the other flavours though this one does seem a little tame - the real ale being the only unfamiliar ingredient, but ale pie is a popular pub favourite. Saying that, this is pretty much a pub Sunday lunch in a pie. Sure you don't get the Yorkshire puddings, but the gravy is there in abundance as can be seen by the mini volcano that came out of the top when I spiked it to check it was cooked through.

As with all the Pieminister varieties you can taste the individual ingredients and there are distinct chunks of everything, especially the meat. If I was out in a pub and got this with chunky chips I wouldn't be disappointed, but sitting at home I think I prefer the previous Pieminister pies I’ve tried. I'm not a massive fan of pub Sunday lunches, and while this recreates the flavours well I'd just be happier with something that did something a little more exciting with the beef.

Saying this is my least favourite Pieminister pie so far is like saying that £10 is my least favourite amount to win on the lottery, it's still an excellent pie that is worth the money and one I will probably eat again.
by @NLi10

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